First Incubator session at Oakridge

Students of Oakridge International have set on to an exciting entrepreneurial journey. The 90 minutes kick-starter Incubator Program session took off on a promising note with students and tutors sharing same level of enthusiasm. With spirits all high, the futurpreneurs put on their thinking hats and dived into the basics of entrepreneurship without any further ado.

In an era where the myriad of designations have achieved to bask in their own glory, the set of skills that contribute to excel at those very designations remain to be the same. Be it doctor, CEO, scientist, or a businessman, whatever is your career choice, entrepreneurial skills come in handy everywhere. This is exactly what Metamorphosis delivers to its students. It is not just about building your company, or making your own product, an entrepreneur is supposed to be versatile and our students at Metamorphosis will evolve to be one.

Apart from getting a clear understanding on things like ‘Who is an entrepreneur?’, ‘How to get started with the art of entrepreneurship?’, the students were engaged in some fun activities which turned out teach them a thing or two about risk-taking which is one of the major qualifications of an entrepreneur.

On that fun yet enlightening note, session came to an end while the tutors made sure the learning continues until the next stimulating class. Yes, Metamorphosis believes in homework!




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